Google’s New China Logo

Posted by bryanzug - 2006/01/28

I haven’t quite digested what I think about the whole Google censoring China results thing, but I just saw this icon treatment and, well, thought it was pretty powerful —

Google\'s New China Logo

Image surfaced in the thread here and is by Paul Bubel. Thanks to Jeff Nolan for surfacing it and tech.memeorandum for signaling it up through the noise to my Saturday afternoon attention span.

Naked and a Ditch

Posted by bryanzug - 2006/01/24

Had a great time on Saturday night at the Seattle release party for ‘Naked Conversations’, the new book on business blogging by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel.

Does buying four copies to give away to friends make me a fanboy? When just about everyone else is carrying one copy around, probably so — but I don’t mind.

It’s exciting to see their work toward pervasively honest human communication (currently highlighted via the blog phenom) continue to get traction within tech, business, and the culture at large.

I’m happy to play fanboy if that’s what it takes to spread the mind virus on stuff like this.

My wife Jen has a great summary of the evening over at This Pile ( — great location, great people, great conversation, great connecting.

It was her first foray into a truly geek event and it was awesome to see her ditch me 10 minutes into the evening to hang out with the many world changing women she had a chance to meet.

I’ve never been nakedly ditched with such a smile on my face.

Vista ‘Porn at Bay’ (aka pBay ??)

Posted by bryanzug - 2006/01/09

Best tech quote from last week comes from Andru Edwards at Gear Live as he covered the CES show in Vegas. In a post on parental controls built into Microsoft’s Vista operating system —

…Vista has big plans for keeping Timmy’s future porn habit at bay.

That’s funny (and, unfortunately, oh so true)