Cardboard Sign Devs: The Movie

Posted by bryanzug - 2007/09/14

From the hilarious, but a little too close to home dept —

Ignite Seattle video featured on Lifehacker

Posted by bryanzug - 2007/09/12

One of the Ignite Seattle videos I produced was featured on Lifehacker this AM.


Rob Gruhl’s preso on “How to Buy a Car without Getting Screwed” is a perfect example of why I spend time capturing these snippets of community gatherings.

It’s such a treat to watch these things take on a life of their own and make their way to where they want to go (instead of disappearing into the ether).

Rest of the videos from this last Ignite are on YouTube. Previous ones are on

Thanks to Rob for the presentation and to Brady, Bre, Jessie, and O’Reilly for the opportunity to craft cool community experiences like this.

Ignite Seattle Video on

New Ignite Seattle videos are up

Posted by bryanzug - 2007/09/12

Our new videos from O’Reilly’s Ignite Seattle are up. For the first time we’ve made them available on YouTube (more on that later). Check them out at —

Have to say that this is the best batch we’ve ever done.

The content and presentations were fantastic. Vibe in the room was magic — lots of interesting conversations and cross-pollinations. I think we nailed the audio and video better than ever.

Also, the audience voted via text message to send the top talks to present at Gnomedex a couple of days later, where they got some of the best reviews of any of the presenters featured at the conference (not bad when Guy Kawasaki is presenting on the same stage you are ;)

Here’s one from Scotto Moore on internet art called “Make Art, Not Content” (other standouts are linked below that) —

Other stellar ones are —

Brian Dorsey – The Story of Noonhat
(Brian’s Noonhat project recently got picked up by KING5 TV here in Seattle and by the Seattle Times — Very exciting to see how Ignite helps bring wide exposure to a cool grassroots project like this)

Dave McClure – Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR!

Rob Gruhl – How to Buy a Car without Getting Screwed

Elan Lee – LIFE: If you’re bored, you’re doing it wrong

Marching toward release of an open learning system…

Posted by bryanzug - 2007/09/05

I’ve been marching busily during recent months toward release of a 200+ lesson web based training system for the new phase of a clinical information system at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford.

Hope to release details soon on the site so those of you in the elearning space can take a look.

The architecture of the thing should be very interesting to those of you who lament with me how learning management systems (LMS’s) too often function as walled gardens — and cut off discoverability and content re-use as a result.

Stay tuned for the hard launch.