Blessings on this new Scoble chapter

Posted by bryanzug - 2006/06/11

Woke up this AM to the news that Scoble is leaving Microsoft.

Wow — bummer and cool development all at the same time.

Robert gave me my very first external link last year — to my very first non-hello-world post. He didn’t know who I was. I actually had no idea how he found me.

My friend Gernot Ross over at Boeing emailed me an rss feed of Robert’s post, saying, “Is this you?”

I say, “How did you find that? I haven’t even told anyone I started a blog.”

Gernot says, “It’s on Scoble.”

I say, “What the…!!”

Since then I’ve gotten to talk with Robert a few times and have found him to be really smart and generous.

At the book release party for “Naked Conversations” my wife Jen and I also met his lovely wife Maryam.

Since the party Maryam invited Jen to her Diva’s book club and it’s been a joy to babysit whenever the ladies get together to talk about how to keep their geek husbands in line (I’m sure they talk about other stuff as well).

I just want to say that both Robert and Maryam will be missed up here in Seattle — many blessings at this fork in the road.

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