My name is Bryan Zug and I’m a product manager, UX director, and stakeholder whisperer who is deeply involved in Seattle’s tech community.

Résumé + Artifacts + Interesting bits

My Story

In December 2006, I helped start Ignite Seattle – the popular gathering where local folks share their passions/pursuits in quick 5 minute presentations.

I’ve worked for Techstars and Startup Weekend – As well as designed and engineered online training systems for Children’s Hospital Seattle and Children’s Hospital Stanford.

Along the way, I also founded the video production company, Bootstrapper Studios, whose online broadcasts include Seattle Reign and Sounders 2 soccer seasons, as well as Geekwire events. I’m also founder of What Now? Exactly! – the explainer animation studio that’s created product explanations for companies like Adobe, Atlassian, and the Gottman Institute.

Some fun projects I’ve worked on include Kickstarter videos and campaigns that have raised over $3.1 million in combined funding – And it was also a blast to be the executive producer / editor of ‘We Make Seattle‘, a short film about Seattle as a great place for creatives and entrepreneurs.

I live in Seattle near the Space Needle with my beautiful wife Jen, my daughter Ruthie, my son Thomas.


When not doing geek stuff, my family and I hang out with artful and thoughtful Christian makers in urban Seattle — a muster of misfits who believe there are better stories out there than those dominated by darkness, entropy, sorrow, and tears –– and anytime we find ourselves in the wrong story, the truth is, we can leave and step into a better one.