Barcamp 2012 Session: Where does “healthy maleness” end and “asshat brogrammer douchebaggery” begin?

Posted by bryanzug - 2012/04/27

When my friend @moniguzman tweeted this question yesterday, I thought, that’d be a great discussion to have at Barcamp Seattle 2012 this Saturday (2012-04-28)…

So – I’m proposing a session called: “Where does ‘healthy maleness’ end and ‘asshat brogrammer douchebaggery’ begin?”

So let’s get all the smart ladies and gentlemen out to hash on this one with a lively discussion.

Whether we all agree or disagree, I’m pretty sure it will be entertaining.

DIY MBA discussion notes from BarCamp Seattle 2010

Posted by bryanzug - 2010/08/16

Here’s my rough mind map notes from the DIY MBA discussion I lead this past weekend at barCamp Seattle (PDF | Mind Manager). Have also embedded an editable mind meister version below if there’s some things other folks would like to add.

Thanks to everyone for a great discussion!


Attencion! Camp — Starbuck vs. Samwise in a Fight (and what does that have to do with the Attention Economy?)

Posted by bryanzug - 2009/02/27

As I’m getting around to documenting some of the fun things I’ve gotten to do over the last year, this one was quite the blast. I updated my (Geek Fight * Attention Economy) talk with a new character — this time a woman who kicks serious ass.

At the very first BarCamp Seattle last June, we had a great turnout for “Starbuck vs. Samwise in a Fight (and what does that have to do with the attention economy)”. Here’s the session poster:

BarCampSeattle: Starbuck vs. Samwise in a fight (and what does that have to do with the attention economy?)

I’m not going to give away the thread of the discussion, because that makes it less fun if you ever get to drop in on one of these discussions — but I’ll tell you this, they are lively, fun, and get everyone to think.

I learn a ton every time I facilitate it.

Wanted to take a bit of time to note it because this theme of attention keeps coming up.

While at the Seattle Drupal User Group’s MiniCamp this last Saturday, Gregory Heller, Scott Falconer, Larry Swanson, and I began talking about how we need a camp about content that is tool independent and all about “signaling through the noise”.

Since “content” is such a boring word, I suggested an “Attention Camp“, which seemed to strike a chord.

Looking around for a domain, “” is being squatted — so I went with the next best things —

  • (we could all use a little revolucion! no?)
  • (140 char headline writing seems to be seeping into my thinking)

So we’ll see — I’m pinging possible partners in crime to see if this thing has legs. If you are interested, tweet me and join the discussion.

FooBar Sessions as Literature

Posted by bryanzug - 2006/08/29

Berkun has a great writeup of his FooCamp experience from last weekend. Sounds like a great time.

Found myself nodding with this lowlight observation ––

I’m guessing fewer sessions were recorded or taped this year. I don’t know why, but the vibe was much less about blogging, posting and publishing in real-time than last year. Maybe this is not a lowlight – not sure.

Seems to me that this is both a highlight and a lowlight. In one sense, people are more focused on engaging with the stuff around them –– the facilitator, the content, the people, the space.

That’s a big win in my book as the ‘must blog’ buzz is subsiding in favor of more human lids down engagement  (laptops, not eyes).

On the other hand, having just done a full weekend of session video capture at BarCamp Vancouver, it’s a lowlight to me that so many great conversations that could have been captured and passed on just won’t.

In a sense, our ‘now’ orientation keeps us from seeing the connections that are waiting to happen outside of the room/people/time of a particular setting like this.

And yet, when things get captured decently, they have great potential to take on a kind of life of their own — making connections and sparking fires that we can’t see in the moment — kind of like good literature does over the ages.

Even capturing a session that is not hit-it-out-of-the-park-fantastic is fun for me because the presenter is always really grateful and will usually go back and see the things they did well and learn things they could do better next time.

All the stuff, those rhetoric classes were supposed to teach you, but, because you never saw the relevance, never did.

Anyway — the weekend was really useful to help me think through this participate/capture dichotomy — lots of ideas percolating on how to bridge the gap.

Can’t wait for Mind Camp 3.0 to try ‘em out.

BarCamp Vancouver Videos

Posted by bryanzug - 2006/08/27

Here are the initial .mov videos I managed to capture from yesterday’s BarCamp Vancouver. Very pleased with the captures for the most part. Will detail the setup Roland and I used later in the week.

These are quicktime .mov files I shot straight to disk. Were were able to get our opensource flash video thing going on Saturday morning (and when I say we, I mean Ianiv). As I previously mentioned, we transcoded and posted Friday night’s introductions. Everything worked through transcoding via FFMPEG to storing in Amazon’s S3 (thanks to Jeff Barr for the help!).

As the morning rolled on Roland and I captured video and Ianiv continued tweaking the setup. Headache and sleep deprivation caused Ianiv to have to pack it in early, so we weren’t able to transcode more via that setup yesterday — am sure we’ll get it done later this week.

On the sessions I caught — all were great and some were fantastic — noted standouts —

Here’s the full list of the sessions I got.


Open Source Telephony (100 MB .mov)
George Pajari – netVOICE Communications

Prediction Markets (53 MB .mov)
Sacha Peter –
This vid is only half the session and also has bad audio. When the session I was set to record didn’t make, I repositioned to record Sacha’s session and wasn’t able to mic him.

Ad Hacks (8 MB .mov)
James Sherrett –
Only have the last few minutes of this one. I had a power problem and it looks like the majority of the session vid got corrupted (and no, I wasn’t shooting tape –– too many undigitized miniDV’s to count are baring me from bringing more into that God-forsaken world) –– bummer too, cause James’ session was great. he’s a fantastic facilitator.

AJAX on Rails (32 MB .mov)
Nathaniel Brown – Inimit Innovations

Constructing Creativity  (36.9 .mov)
Aaron Wheeler –

Creative Commons Image Search (41 MB .mov)
Mark Thompson – YotoPhoto

Ruby on Rails from the Rear (35 MB .mov)
Jeremy Hubert – Rain City Studios & Aaron Wheeler –
** Great Quote — You can be just like DHH, just not as sexy.

The Meme Epidemic (43 MB .mov)
Darren Barefoot – 

Social Music Networking (47 .mov)
David Graten –

AJAX and JavaScript Demos (58 .mov)
Andre Charland and Dave Johnson –
** Was trying a different sound setup here. It got distorted so I switched back. Sound is a bit distorted in the beginning. Again a bummer, cause it was a good session.