Can I get your help? We’re moving our family to the heart of downtown Seattle

Posted by bryanzug - 2012/07/11

My beautiful bride and I are about to do something crazy and I’d like to ask for your help.

The short of it is this – We’re moving our family to the heart of Seattle.

There is something incredible happening in our tech community right now and we are doing some major reconfiguring of our lives to be even more involved with it.

I will get into the backstory in a later post, but we could really use your help finding the right guys to rent the three remaining rooms in our place in Renton.

Can you join us and spread the word?

Here’s the Facebook post to retweet and link to where Jen details the house and the sort of guys we need to find.

If you know any guys who’d be a good fit, please have them call or email Jen via the contact info in the Facebook post.

Thanks so much for the help.

What we are seeing really is an incredible development of community.