Leak 2.0: Origami Was Staged

Posted by bryanzug - 2006/02/28

Microsoft’s Origami leak last weekend was staged. What – you think its dominating the tech blogosphere a few days before a mysterious Steve Jobs announcement is coincidence?

Guess again, newbie.

And the ‘old’ demo video that just ‘happened’ to be out there a marketing agency web portfolio and has since ‘disappeared’ but is all over YouTube – this is happenstance?

Fraid not, Gulliber.

And to tell you the truth, I’m glad — sure I’ve been manipulated in a way that leaves me skeptical and used when I think about it, but who has time to think when there’s a meme tracker to be refreshed?

The whole thing is like watching that Rain Man friend of yours who you’ve completely written off come back with a knack for the numbers and a way with the ladies.

Sure, Boo Radly stuck his customers with scissors but that was a long time ago — now he’s showing up in the quiet jazz shadows of the buzz channel baby.

This is a new Microsoft — drunk on Scoble’s kool-aid they’ve come to terms with the fact that no statement is the new uber statement.

I got to say that watching el borgo come back to life in a way that actually ‘gets it’ makes me almost want to go down to the lake with them again and throw flowers in the water – now that’s disruption.

Welcome to Leak 2.0 — yeah, I do it to myself.

New Orleans Overkill (Literally)

Posted by bryanzug - 2005/09/28

The news of New Orleans’ demise was greatly exaggerated….

Have to concur with this assertion by Scott Manning.

The Times-Picayune from New Orleans has released an article stating that the massive number of casualties that were predicted by the mainstream media at the Superdome and at the New Orleans Convention center were off. Extremely off. They are so far off that I can’t believe there hasn’t been a major story on how wrong they were.

The New Orleans coverage felt manipulative the minute I saw the same dead lady in a wheel chair on a gajillion different media outlets that were all hyping the death and destruction for a consistent 48 hour period following the storm.

It was overkill — literally.

(That’s an interesting sociological study I’d like to do –- It would be very interesting to quantify exactly how many times that image was hyped.)

And they wonder why folks like me don’t trust them.

It’s honestly insulting that they don’t realize the advanced hype sniffers that this season of cultural evolution has endowed to folks like me. I was 12 when MTV debuted and have been over marketed non-stop ever since. The sarcastic jaded skepticism isn’t so much a choice as it is a coping mechanism.