Cerner 2006: Blogs & Screencasts in the Quest for Training Attention

Posted by bryanzug - 2006/10/09

I am in Orlando today presenting a session called “Blogs & Screencasts in the Quest for Training Attention” at the 2006 Cerner Health Conference. From the session description:

In the quest for user attention, blogs and screencasts are more that buzzwords. Join us as we examine how these technologies help organizations capture valuable elements of “watercooler conversations” and leverage them toward system and process training. Session will include: An introduction to blogs, screencasts, and RSS; An examination of why content produced and distributed with these methodologies is naturally interesting to users; A short tour of WordPress and Camtasia — two popular blog and screencasting tools.
Here’s the links to the files from the session —
  • PDF of Keynote Slides (PDF – 7 MB)
  • Installing WordPress via DreamHost320×240 (YouTube Flash Video)
  • Installing WordPress via DreamHost1024×768 (Quicktime – 370 MB)
  • Installing WordPress via DreamHost320×240 (Quicktime – 73 MB)
  • Intro to RSS Readers via Newgator1024×768 (Quicktime – 268 MB)
  • Intro to Camtasia1024×768 (Quicktime – 63 MB)


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  1. Hey Bryan I was a participant in the session in Orlando. Loved it! I am going to try to get a screen cast program. Camtasia looks great – price looks good. I am drawn to the interactive simulation capabilites with Adobe Captivate – with the larger cost. I didn’t see where Camtasia offered this. Do you have any words of wisdom to offer in making this choice? Thanks, Jennifer

    Comment by Jennifer Erena — November 6, 2006 #

  2. Hi Jennifer —

    Thanks so much for the feedback — go for Captivate if you want interactive simulations — camtasia does not handle those well.

    Camtasia does best at video demo’s especially if you need to serve up to multiple devices — like the pan and zoom example I showed here —

    My preferred path (when resources are available which is not often) is to do a mixture of both kinds of screencasts — camtasia stuff for the quick self serve demos and Captivate type stuff for formal ‘classes’.

    Comment by Bryan Zug — November 6, 2006 #

  3. […] eLearning Skinny Blog Some of you will remember Bryan Zug, who developed Children’s Hospital – Seattle’s WBT. Bryan still lives in Seattle, but he now works for Children’s Hospital at Stanford. Bryan presented a session at the 2006 Cerner Conference called Blogs and Screencasts in the Quest for Training Attention. Follow the link to download a PDF file of this excellent presentation.  […]

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