Cox on “Don’t Make Me Think” CMS litmus test

Posted by bryanzug - 2005/11/14

A couple of weeks ago, Jon Cox, of Xaraya fame, picked up on this post comparing Sharepoint to increasingly robust open source technologies (like Xaraya).

Jon noted that he did not think that Xaraya would pass the “Don’t Make Me Think” (DMMT) litmus test I referenced.

It was great to continue the conversation through comments to his post — I was able to clarify what I was saying and make a connection with folks I greatly respect and admire.

My main point there is — I think Xaraya can pass the DMMT test because developers/implementers can configure the various public and editorial facing interfaces into just about any presentational look and feel they want — which is not the case with the current version Sharepoint (though, I get the impression that this is going to change in upcoming versions).

This makes Xaraya much more powerful in my book — because usable interfaces can be slapped onto it when necessary.

Cox’s point is well taken though —

Xaraya is not very DMMT out of the box for the site implementer — it takes time to get your head around the way the system works — which makes sense for developers (where much power is possible, much training is usually required) — but this should never be the case when we are talking about the end users like anonymous site visitors or editorial contributors.

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