If Hell froze over yesterday, does that make Microsoft or Palm Satan?

Posted by bryanzug - 2005/09/27

When I saw the images on engadget last Friday of a Treo running Windows Mobile, my first reaction was – this is September, not April 1. Got the same reaction when I told Steve Kaiser, one of the smartest Microsoft developers (and nicest guys) I’ve ever met.

A couple of seconds later, I changed my mind and decided this was real and that hell had indeed frozen over.

Recalling what I noted on Sparkle a couple of weeks ago along with the re-org Microsoft announced last week, it was instantly clear to me that the sleeping Redmond giant was waking up.

What better way to deal with having –

  • …your hardware ass kicked by Palm,
  • …your mobile device development ass kicked by Macromedia
  • …your integrated mobile office ass kicked by Blackberry

Than to just say – we lost – next. The smartest people I know are the quickest to say, we should stop doing this and go a different direction because things have changed.

While I watched the press conference yesterday AM I thought to myself, is there a clone of me writing press releases for this project?

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