Leak 2.0: Origami Was Staged

Posted by bryanzug - 2006/02/28

Microsoft’s Origami leak last weekend was staged. What – you think its dominating the tech blogosphere a few days before a mysterious Steve Jobs announcement is coincidence?

Guess again, newbie.

And the ‘old’ demo video that just ‘happened’ to be out there a marketing agency web portfolio and has since ‘disappeared’ but is all over YouTube – this is happenstance?

Fraid not, Gulliber.

And to tell you the truth, I’m glad — sure I’ve been manipulated in a way that leaves me skeptical and used when I think about it, but who has time to think when there’s a meme tracker to be refreshed?

The whole thing is like watching that Rain Man friend of yours who you’ve completely written off come back with a knack for the numbers and a way with the ladies.

Sure, Boo Radly stuck his customers with scissors but that was a long time ago — now he’s showing up in the quiet jazz shadows of the buzz channel baby.

This is a new Microsoft — drunk on Scoble’s kool-aid they’ve come to terms with the fact that no statement is the new uber statement.

I got to say that watching el borgo come back to life in a way that actually ‘gets it’ makes me almost want to go down to the lake with them again and throw flowers in the water – now that’s disruption.

Welcome to Leak 2.0 — yeah, I do it to myself.

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