Mind Camp 2.0 Session: The Good Thing Rapid Discovery Slam

Posted by bryanzug - 2006/04/27

UPDATE: We’ve added a sign up the session’s wiki page. If you are an MC2’er, add your name. Don’t be shy — bring something interesting to you — odds are it’ll be interesting to the rest of us as well.

Will be at Mind Camp 2.0 this weekend facilitating a session with Scott Berkun. We are calling it the “The Good Thing Rapid Discovery Slam”. Here’s the details.

The Good Thing Rapid Discovery Slam Bring something short and interesting to read or show — something that has inspired you (or been caused as a result of you being inspired). Can be original or someone else’s work. Bring stuff from every genre — the blogosphere, novels, poetry, tech, business, software/product design, whatever. Watch and listen to things that are inspiring and provoking minds from your tribe. Each contributor will have 2 minutes at the helm. Bring various things to share in case there’s time to do multiple rounds. We will have a projector and audio hookups for multimedia. You need to bring the hardware for playing and any non-standard connectors. Count on standard monitor connectors and RCA for video in, as well as stereo 1/8 inch audio or RCA jacks for audio. We will also have an iPod AV cable with RCA video and audio connections.

I think we’re going to try and do it sometime on Saturday night after dinner – probably around the 8:00 time slot. Visit the session and discussion sections on the Mind Camp wiki .

This is an idea I brainstormed for Mind Camp 1.0 back in November 2005 but did not get around to doing because I did my other session on “Neo vs. Samwise in a fight? (And what does this have to do with the attention economy…”

As Mind Camp 2.0 (now sold out) geared up, folks (Stuart Maxwell in particular) raised the kernel of this idea again as a quintessential Mind Camp meme.

Scott and I had talked about similar ideas since Mind Camp 1.0 — possibly around the idea of gathering people to do this and a meal once every month or two — sort of like a geek dinner with wider scope.

If this goes well, let’s chat to see if people would be interested in doing this a couple of times between camps.

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