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Posted by bryanzug - 2006/04/17

In this age of the attention economy, trimming the non-essential from your eLearning is imperative if you want your content to engage (and not put your users to sleep via boredom and irrelevancy).

Don’t know if you follow web video trends much, but there are a lot of things happening that are going to make web video a much richer (and more easily integrated) tool for eLearning along these lines.

From TechCrunch this AM comes a short profile of soon to be launched — which will allow you to set and link to specific points in a video without having to do the tedious job of chunking it up into many different video files.

Go look at the demo to have a look.

Why is this important?

Good video is more memorable than just text or just audio (and in the age of the attention economy memory is everything). The problem with videos, however, is that relevant/compelling portions of them have always been too hard to extract for regular folks. functionality makes it easy for eLearning content creators to link just to the chunks of a video that are relevant to a given lesson they are creating. This gives the creator the ability to tightly trim out irrelevant (and boring) parts of a video.

The ability to mashup interesting parts of content for a given audience/topic is always a good step toward ensuring that your stuff is not a snooze-a-thon.

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