Tidal Shifts Once Again: Warner Bros. to sell movies via BitTorrent

Posted by bryanzug - 2006/05/09

This Reuters story on Yahoo News this AM confirms that “Warner Bros. to sell movies via BitTorrent“. This is easily the most commercial use of BitTorrent to date and, with one fell swoop, pushes it into the mainstream.

What this means for eLearning is that BitTorrent is about to move from being an edge technology to distribute media — particularly video.

If, as Dave Winer suggests and rumor has it, that next version OS’s from MS and Apple have BitTorrent baked in — I would venture to say that it will transpearantly become the defacto large file distribution standard — for anything semi-popular anyway.

With this tipping point clearly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about builiding BitTorrent into our eLearning and conetne management web applications.

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