Most content management systems (CMS’s) fail because nobody wants to be an editor

Posted by bryanzug - 2005/10/04

Was having a conversation with a collegue today on why content management systems (CMS’s), or knowledge management systems (KMS’s), if you prefer, often fail.

I relayed a core idea I picked up last year from an article by Jeffrey Veen of Adaptive Path, titled “Why Content Management Fails”.

The nutshell that really struck a chord with me was that these projects often fail because no one wants to be an editor.

Content management is not a technology problem. If you’re having trouble managing the content on your Web site, it’s because you have an editorial process problem. Your public-facing Web site is a publication. Treat it like one. If you’re not in the business of producing publications, you won’t be able to do better by plugging in a technology and crossing your fingers. Rather, solve the problem with people.

Would really recommend reading the entire article if this idea resonates with you.

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